About Lady and the Chocolate

With New York State on PAUSE amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, founder Sara Armet woke up one day with a calling to make ‘the best chocolate you ever had’. Designing chocolate bark with larger than life personality became the ultimate remedy and outlet for self-expression during uncertain times. 

Homemade with sweet intentions, word quickly spread of a 24/7 luxury chocolate dispensary. A bootstrapped operation with an open door policy and a sense of humor, chocolate lovers from far and wide, day and night, dared to venture to a socially-distant stoop on the Upper East Side for a drive-by, a taste, and a woman's wisdom. Lady and the Chocolate was born. 

Derived from an iconic New York adage, ‘taste. luxury. [with chocolate on top]’ is our motto. It's chocolate meets fashion! Fresh and fabulous, with a preference for the finer things, Lady and the Chocolate offers an all-inclusive kind of indulgence that will keep you coming back for more!